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Egg Donor FAQs

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is the process by which one woman (an Egg Donor) donates her eggs so that an infertile person or couple may have a child(ren). This procedure does not involve the actual removal or donation of the ovaries; it simply means that doctors will retrieve eggs from follicles in her ovaries that the donor has naturally for that month’s cycle.

How long will it take to be matched?

Choosing an Egg Donor is a very personal and emotional process for the Intended Parent(s). We can’t tell you a set amount of time; it all depends on what the Intended Parent(s) are looking for in an Egg Donor. When an Intended Parent picks you we will call you and discuss your availability. If you are available and agree to work with the Intended Parent(s) you will sign a match agreement. The match agreement is simply you officially agreeing to work with the Intended Parent(s).

What does the egg donation involve?

To begin the egg donation process you will start with a medication to stop your menstrual cycle. This is done so that your cycle and the recipient of the egg (Intended Mother or Surrogate) will be synchronized. Once the cycles are syncronized, you will be given a new medication which stimulates the follicles in your ovaries that are naturally there for your current cycle to each produce eggs. This typically last 4-7 days. During this time your ovaries will be examined using an ultrasound, and blood tests will be given to check your hormone levels. Once your hormone levels are where they should be, you are given one last medication and approximately 36 hours later the IVF physician will perform the egg retrieval while you are safely under anesthesia.

How many eggs will the doctor extract?

It depends how well the donor responds to the medications. Good numbers from healthy responsive donors would range between 12-18 eggs. Remember, a woman has hundreds of thousands of eggs remaining left to create her own family.

Are there any risks?

Fertility doctors see very few problems and donors often experience no problems and go on to do it again and again. You must know your body and communicate with the IVF doctor how you are feeling. We recommend that before donating you discuss egg donation with a licensed medical professional who specializes in egg donation and they can explain all the potential risks with you.

How soon can I resume my normal routine after the egg retrieval?

Typically, donors are able to resume their normal activity after a full 24 hours of rest.

How much am I paid?

Our first time Egg Donors receive $6,000 per donation. Our Egg Donor compensation increases $1,000 after each donation that they complete. Compensation is not based on the number of eggs per cycle but on the actual completion of the egg retrieval. The Egg Donor’s compensation is paid in full once the agency has been given confirmation by the IVF clinic, that the egg retrieval has been completed.

Will I know the outcome of my donation?

Yes, if you wish to know the outcome please let us know and we will be happy to share the results with you.