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Nice Couple Seeks Woman For Egg Donorship

Egg donors


  • Between the ages of 19-29 
  • Healthy, non-smoking woman 
  • Free of STDs 
  • Ability to travel to San Diego or Los Angeles for 5-7 days, travel expenses will be provided 
  • Family history free of genetic disorders or medical conditions 
  • Have a flexible schedule and possess a strong sense of commitment 
  • Healthy BMI

 If you meet the requirements we invite you to apply!

Commonly Asked Questions:

How long does the egg donation process take?
After you have been selected as a Donor, the time commitment usually ranges from 3-5 weeks, but only about two weeks of this time will require clinic visits.

How much time will I have to take off from school or work? 
Appointments are typically in the early morning, so little or no time off is required. However, the day of the egg retrieval will necessitate you taking the day off.

How much money can I make?  
Egg Donor compensation starts at $6,000.00 and increases with each donation that you complete.

Do I have to meet the couple who is receiving my eggs? 
No, typically donations are anonymous. It is Modern Family’s policy that any contact requested be mutual and always arranged by the agency with an agency representative present.

become an egg donor apply today

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