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We understand that, from the Intended Parent’s perspective, looking for an agency and starting the process can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. After our initial consultation, we will provide you with an online login and password which will enable you to view the profiles of all of our available Surrogates and Egg Donors. We are one of the select few agencies that allow you to choose a Surrogate, speak with her and confirm your match before retaining our services. We feel it’s extremely important for you to match with the right Surrogate and we take great pride in making wonderful matches for our Intended Parents PRIOR to your spending money with us.

Once we are retained, we will provide you with a detailed timeline so that you know what you can expect to happen and when. We are also available to aid you in the selection of an Egg Donor if you desire. Also, should you have a desire to speak with/meet with your Egg Donor; we can coordinate that for you as well provided the Egg Donor is willing/available.

Modern Family will be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide this same support to your Surrogate and Egg Donor as well which is why we feel we have such wonderful women working with us. Our monthly support group allows your Surrogate the opportunity to bond with other Surrogates and share her journey which helps them to be more knowledgeable about Surrogacy. We do this to ensure Surrogates are more confident and happy throughout their pregnancy.

We will make sure that your Surrogate and Egg Donor never feel alone and neither do you. If you can’t attend key appointments and you request us to go on your behalf we will attend for you. We will communicate to you how the appointment went and email photos. We will keep in contact with you throughout the pregnancy to ensure all of your needs are met and you receive first-hand information on how your Surrogate is doing. We will be there with you every step of the way from your match to the birth of your child(ren) and beyond…

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